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Making Dental Appointments ASAP: Emergency & Regular

Welcome New Dental Patients and Families who Really Highly Valued their Own Time: Successful People and The New Millennial Generation, which does not Tolerate Long Waits. We are Making Emergency & Regular Dental Appointments A.S.A.P.! No more Waiting on Hold. No more Long Lines.

Direct Access

Making your Dental Appointment Faster and Easier

Often, making a dental appointment may be very difficult and endless. Direct access to the daily schedule of the Dentist or Dental Hygienist can greatly speed up and streamline this process. Modern computer technologies facilitate in making a dental appointment significantly faster, more reliable and more comfortable. Currently, there is only one Dental Office of Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin, DDS, which is fully possesses the necessary modern technology for Quick Dental Appointment™. It allows to make dental appointment in less than 60 seconds.


Dental Practices with Direct Access to Providers Schedule

Dental practices with direct access to the provider's schedule have the Markers with the letter "D" on the appropriate Map. For the first time, pilot program "Quick Dental Appointment™" was launched in Northeast Philadelphia. Its geographical Map was used as a basis to find the location of dental practices. The process of finding is very easy and consists of 3 simple sequential operations: NAVIGATE, IDENTIFY & CLICK.


Dental Appointment Setting up as Easy as A, B, C

To make the procedure for the organization of Dental Appointment more convenient and accessible to the potential patient, it is necessary to simplify and make it easier. We have developed a system of Dental Schedules based on the idea that: 1. Pre-registration is not required; 2. All necessary information for the appointment decision is available on the same singe page; 3. Prepayment and Dental Appointment Confirmation are closely interconnected; 4. Making available Direct Access to the Dental Provider's Schedule and many more...