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The Universal Dentition Guide

Dentition (Tooth Eruption) Guide/ Practitioner and Dental Student Exam Study Aid Reference Tool Gift Immediately and Correctly Gives the Answers When Every Primary (Also Called Baby Teeth, Milk or Deciduous Teeth) and Permanent (Adult) Teeth Form, Erupt (Sometimes with Tooth Pain or Toothache) and Develop (Dentition). At Each Setting of the Decoder All-in-1 Information About Your Child's and Adult Teeth Is Provided for Quicker and Easier References.

The Universal Dentition Guide for Primary and Permanent Teeth provides an all-in-one dental "decoder." The guide consists of two heavy paperboard circles printed with pertinent information joined one atop another in the center. The top circle turns freely over the bottom circle and has a notched "window" that aligns with the data on the circle below it, displaying quick information on hard-tissue formation, enamel formation and completion, root completion, and eruption. The two-sided guide features primary dentition on one side and permanent dentition on the other.

Gift for Dental
Professionals - Universal
Dentition Guide or Dental Decoder for Primary and Permanent Teeth, All-in-1 Dental
Dentition Decoder

Not Available Anywhere Else!

Created by a  Dentist!

Essential for
Dentists, Hygienist,  Dental Assistants, and Dental Students!

The Best Gift for
Dental Professionals you Ever Can Get


Universal Dentition Guide - All-in-1. Three part the Heavy White  .028 Paperboard "secret decoder ring" for reading:

1. One side: Primary dentition

2. Opposite side: Permanent dentition

3. Maxillary (upper) jaw

4. Mandibular (lower) jaw

5. Primary teeth types

6. Permanent teeth types

7.Anatomical teeth classification

8. AlphaNumeric type teeth classification (##1-32;  ##A-T)

9. AlphaNumeric/Zaigmondy system (Palmer) teeth classification

10. FDI system of teeth (totally digital, 2 digit) classification

11. Hard Tissue Formation Begins____Weeks, in Utero

12. Amount of Enamel Formed____at Birth

13. Enamel Completed____Months after Birth

14. Eruption____Months

15. Root Completed____Years

  Copyright ©
1998-2006 by Dentist Aleksandr Melekhin, DDS, Ph.D, MSD

 3-5/8" X 5-1/4"
(13.4 cm) in diameter

Imprint Description:
All surfaces print in 3 colors. All printed surfaces covered by mylar coating.
The heavy white  .028 paperboard has glossy texture to show its quality.
Long lasting. High quality. Exquisitely detailed

Designed and imprinted:
 Made in the USA   


US $9.99